Welcome to my labor of love! I strive for an “at home” feeling and I am constantly upgrading the office. Here are some pictures of what makes our office special:

  When the lights are out, it feels like twilight. 
When the lights are on, we can see all of the necessary diagnostic indicators that your body can create. Extra-wide tables provide support for people exceeding 6’4″!

 High density foam tables, fleece heating pad, and even HOT stone massage make the winter melt away!
A deeply contoured face cradle with an armrest underneath will decrease sinus pressure and make sure you’re always comfortable. The fleece cover over the face rest is just the icing on top!

Let’s get to know each other in the cozy front office.

Soft lighting, essential oils, moxa, needles, cupping, soothing music, and massage tools will round out your acupuncture experienc wonderfully.