About Me

Healing has been a passion of mine since I was very young. I started college for massage at 16 and practiced from 18-25; when I started managing a physical therapy office while I was attending CU Boulder for biochemistry and molecular biology. Due to some eye-opening experiences, I decided to go to the Boulder School of Naturopathic medicine where I learned a great deal about healing diets, iridology and essential oils.

Even though naturopathy was a wonderful medicine, I felt I needed a more complete medicine to help the people I met as well as my family and friends. While I have learned that no one system is complete, I did discover a powerful medicine after separating my shoulder mountain biking. After a few weeks of receiving acupuncture and having amazing relief from the pain and increased mobility weeks before I was told it would heal, it occurred to me that I too could do acupuncture! I had already been studying Eastern medicine Ba Gua and Qi Gong for years, and the revelation fit like a glove.

The answer had arrived and my path unfolded before me with clarity and certainty. I graduated with my Masters degree in Acupuncture in March 2015 and I am filled with gratitude for the years of hard work that have led me to you, my honored patients.

Education & Experience

My Healing Experience:

Acupuncture: In January of 2013 I started in an accelerated masters degree at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the goal of graduating in April of 2015. I have consistantly been amazed at the ability of acupuncture to reverse diagnosed medical conditions, relieve pain immediately, with mental issues like depression, addiction, anxiety and more, so much more! This is the system that has captured my heart and passion. I am so grateful to have had the amazing teachers and challenges in my life that have led me here.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: When I really started understanding the strength of cellular nutrition, I had to learn more. I was convinced this was the answer to helping people live longer with a higher quality of life. One of the top 10 Biochemistry schools in the nation was in my back yard, so I was accepted into a double major program at CU Boulder. I worked in the DNA synthesis laboratory and as a laboratory assistant in two other labs. I learned how to use quarter million dollar machines and run very sensitive tests, and I lived under fluorescent lights and working with biohazardous chemicals, and something in me snapped. I realized that I could not help the people that I know and love with any of these machines! Then something in me clicked…I have to get closer to nature, not farther from it.

Naturopathy: After a journey of self discovery in the mountains of Peru, I did a google search for naturopathic medicine schools, and lo and behold, there was one in Boulder, Co! I jumped in with both feet. I was fascinated with iridology, the study of the iris and the ability to diagnose nearly every condition or imbalance in the body just by looking at the colors and fibers in someones eyes. I learned the value of having a healing diet and how to help people implement their own healing diet. Biochemistry came back into play when I learned about essential oils and how the medicine that comes from plants has an inteligence to heal people in ways that pharmaceutical drugs simply cannot match.

Wellness Coach: In 2006 I was hired as the Hyperbarics Director for Calisto Medical. In order for our patients to get the most out of their hyperbaric oxygen treatment, it was necessary to bathe their cells in the most optimal nutrients at all times. For this purpose I found the #1 Multivitamin company in North America, USANA, and dove into the world of cellular nutrition. To this day I still use USANA and will work with people for the right balance of nutrients for their individual needs.

Massage: In 2002 I started my massage career in rehabilitation. I have always worked with pain relief and am very comfortable with that. My massage degree specialized in neuromuscular re-education and scar tissue refashioning, which I mostly used on patients receiving physical therapy for car accidents and workmans comp cases. I also was trained as a physical therapy technician, so I went through all of the exercises with the patient, then gave them physical modalities including massage, estim, ultrasound, linements, moist heat, and many others under the supervision of a trained PT. I worked closely with the acupuncturists and physicians that saw the patients as well and learned how to integrate modalities and work with many types of practitioners to maximize the patient’s healing. Later, during my Bachelors at CU Boulder, I would manage a physical therapy office and was able to share this amazing healing paradigm with more patients and practitioners. However, I retired from massage in 2009 and do not offer massage except when I need to prepare a muscle for acupuncture.

Herbal Medicine: Since 1997 I started learning about the healing properties of the plants that grow all around the Rocky Mountains. I loved reading about how the Native Americans use plants that most people spray weed killer on. When I started naturopath school I continued to learn the applications of herbs in deeper and more applicable ways. Now, through Chinese medicine, I get to learn even more properties of herbs and how food its self can be medicine.