In community acupuncture, several people sit in a circle in a room together on chairs and have acupuncture in their extremities (that is, from the elbows and knees down toward fingers and toes, sometimes in the ear lobes) to treat acute and chronic medical issues from physical to psychological and even emotional. community acu.jpgThere are many types of Acupuncture, many people think that it is only one on one. However, there is a type of synergistic healing that can happen when several people are together in a room. When a breakthrough happens for one patient, it makes it easier for others to have a shift in their energies. In this way, and many others, community acupuncture is an easy and efficient way to address any of a multitude of imbalances.
fd community acupunctureIn addition to all of these other benefits, community acupuncture costs less per patient as each person gets to be treated several times during their session, and each adjustment needs to happen about every 15-20 minutes. So in this way, several (up to 5) people can be attended to in the same amount of time as one person in an hour treatment. This requires an advanced education and specialization in this technique. Master Tung has left an amazing heritage in this field that I am especially devoted to and I look forward to sharing with you.